New Zealand has many high paying jobs for people with the experience, knowledge and qualifications.

Where Is the Money?

  • One of the highest paying and best jobs for having a work-life balance is being a software developer. One benefit is that software developers can work anywhere, and this helps them to avoid long commutes and bad bosses.
  • Even humble and hardworking homeowners can enter the property market in New Zealand. The benefits of real estate even extends to amateurs who can build up a portfolio until they become a real estate agent.
  • Construction Managers are in demand in New Zealand as the building boom continues in places like Christchurch. Qualifications will vary, but managers are usually doers and organisers with excellent time management skills.
  • Lawyers can still make a substantial amount of money although the number of graduates willing to put the hours and hard work is dwindling. Overseas lawyers need to pass bar exams and gain the relevant practising certificates before practising.
  • Being a general practitioner is still a lucrative profession for many. However, they must have registration with the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and MCNZ registration in New Zealand.
  • Senior accountants and those with their own business or partners in large companies can make significant earnings. Accountants must be a certified practising accountant (CPA), and overseas applicants may need other qualifications before starting in New Zealand.
  • If you are the top of the company, then you can make a huge amount of money. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are skilled in all kinds of areas like finance, human resources and law. Undoubtedly they also need to be excellent communicators and negotiators in dealing with all sorts of issues.
  • Managing Directors can also be top earners and their roles can overlap with their big earning counterparts, CEOs. Managing Directors in Commonwealth countries like New Zealand are usually the highest ranking officers in charge of the day to day running of a company. They must be on top of all kinds of areas to run a company, just like CEOs.
  • Banking and Finance Executives, like investment bankers, can still make an excellent living. There are still a large number of banking establishments in the country.
  • Entrepreneurs are all about putting their ideas and knowledge into practice. Hard work and a bit of luck mean that the entrepreneur can make it big. Ideas are important, and the competition can be stiff, but the more creative ideas, the better.

Money is there to make on such a small Island, and there are plenty of established professions who make a good living in New Zealand. This is just ten ways to make a good living. Undoubtedly, there are more than a million ways to make a million dollars, and there is also tax to consider.