A number of approaches must be considered when looking for a job in almost any industry. New Zealanders are up to date with technology but still value face to face meetings and networking. Here is some advice about making an application in the country.

Getting over the First Hurdle

Applicants should try and use some of their contacts or try and look online for what is expected in resumes. New Zealand employers look for good qualifications but are more interested in an applicants ability to do the job at hand and their team working skills. Employees want to know if employees can do the job. Make sure that the experience section of any resume has an excellent and relevant amount of experience.

The easiest way to apply for jobs in most developed countries is to do an online application from either overseas or in the country. Applications really need to stand out and should be followed by a phone call or email to show how enthusiastic you are to gain the position. Good English language is essential, and employers will definitely judge how well you can communicate in messages and calls.

New Zealanders still value face to face contact and networking between friends, employers and employees is the best way to really see what the job market is like is to apply for jobs when on arrival in New Zealand. Making phone calls or going to some employers and talking face to face is a good indication for both the employer and employee to judge if you can work well together. This is particularly true for jobs that require a lot of interaction with either staff or employees to get things done. So if a foreigner with good experience can show keenness in conversation, then it may be easier to be considered for the job. This works well for jobs like tourism, hospitality and agriculture jobs.

For professionals, it is important to network with potential employers and employees of companies and the best way to do this is to attend some events that people go to discuss work issues. For example, an investment banker coming to New Zealand might visit some meetup groups about finance and then get to know some people at the events that may tell them about a job. Undoubtedly this is a very good way to get to know the industry in the country while cutting out less successful ways to gain professional work through the internet. The legal sector, accounting, finance and even education, value networking.

People also underestimate the contribution that volunteering can make to both potential employers and employees. A good way to gain work in some industries in New Zeland is to volunteer. It may not seem profitable initially, but it is a great way to gain some experience and may result in possible job leads. The employer gets to know the employee and how well they can do the job. Employees get to know if the employer respects them as employees and has the choice to pursue their time with the employer. One other advantage of volunteering is that it can cut out many job applications and phone calls. Employees already have a foot in the door.

Getting a job is often challenging and requires all kinds of preparation and strategies. However, New Zealanders value hard work and a good attitude. Any application which shows this has the potential to convert to work.