New Zealand is a land of contrast and beauty. The mountains, lakes, rivers and snow are contrasted by the eclectic mix of people from all over the world in the cities. Many people come to the country looking for a lifestyle change and time to spend with nature. What if you could maximise your time in the beauty of the country and its people? Here are some jobs that can enable potential employees to discover the best that the country has to offer.

Nine of the Best

  • Tour guides get to work in some of New Zealand’s most treasured historical sights and pristine environments. They could be leading a group of tourists around some of the cities or doing a walking group through the forest. They may even be involved with some of New Zealand’s extreme sports like white water rafting.
  • Freelancers have the ability to work anywhere with an internet and this gives them some flexibility to be able to see as much of New Zealand as possible without getting into hot water with the boss. As long as a freelancer’s work is done on time and they can meet their financial obligations, they can be on a hike and still have time in the evening to finish their work.
  • Ski or snowboard instructors can do what they love on the beautiful mountains of New Zealand. However, jobs are competitive; the work is seasonal. Many workers need savings to get through the season unless they are experienced.
  • Winemakers are highly sorted after in New Zeland and the better the potential employee, the better they can enjoy their time in the vineyards and do what they love. Experience is a must as well as a proven track record.
  • Being a cheesemaker may sound like a bit of an odd choice for the best jobs in New Zeland, but those with skills can do their work in some of New Zealand’s best spots for food and wine. Experience and a passion for food are essential.
  • Engineers can make excellent money in New Zealand and also have time to still see some of New Zealand’s most beautiful places and can take their children camping on the weekends. Not a bad way to live!
  • Consultants can combine their knowledge and experience of an industry with the ability to freelance all over the country. A consultant doesn’t just get this position from nowhere and must be experienced and well qualified.
  • Sport is incredibly important in New Zeland and being a sports coach or personal trainer can be a great way to meet people. it could also be very lucrative, particularly for rugby coaches.
  • Tradespeople have the pick of jobs in New Zeland as the country is experiencing a construction boom. Employers are looking for all kinds of tradespeople. The work is physical, but the money is good and the ability to spend weekends in all types of beautiful places makes this a good pick.

The lifestyle in New Zeland is world class, and people come from all across the world to experience the best that the country has to offer. A nice balance between work and play is part of the Kiwis’ psychology. ‘Work hard and play hard’ is a saying that can be heard in the country. With some planning and skills, it is possible for hardworking people to experience some amazing times in the country.